A two-minute video of the Walking TreeMan at a Renaissance Festival - the file is 41 MB, so please be patient with the loading time. If you want, you can also download this Walking TreeMan video.

The TreeMan...
A walking, living tree

A sunny day. A cool patch of shade from a large oak tree. You sit to enjoy the lovely... wait a moment - did the tree just move? Must have been the breeze blowing through - HEY! The tree just stepped backwards! IT'S MOVING!

At outdoor festival and events, folks are experiencing the phenomenon known as the Walking TreeMan. Barely distinguishable from the real trees, Walking TreeMan moves slowly and deliberately across the meadow, down the path, or through the crowd, enchanting all who meet him.

At over twelve feet tall, the Walking TreeMan can be seen from over 150 yards away. Standing still, he becomes almost invisible, blending into the background - when he moves, he seems to suddenly spring to life, almost magically, amazing and astounding onlookers. TreeMan can even be invited into shopping malls or other large, open areas.

Invite the TreeMan to add an air of serene mystery to your next event.

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