Stilts and Stilt Walking

Look! Up in the air! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a guy on stilts!!

Todd Key can be tall. Really tall. And he can also become a number of cool and interesting characters when he's tall. From a cowboy - complete with roping lasso - to Uncle Sam or even a robot, Todd will create a character that is guarranteed to be head and shoulders above the crowd.

When he's up on stilts Todd is over 10 feet tall and can be seen from over 100 yards away, which means at busy events he's always easy to find. In large groups, children and adults always come towards the Man on Stilts to see what's going on - put him near a booth or display and you're sure to have a crowd. A Big Tall Todd is perfect for parades, moving through outdoor fairs and festivals, or even inside malls (er, with tall ceilings).

And Todd's not just any guy on stilts - he's a juggling, ball-spinning, lasso-twirling guy on stilts. Check out more stilt photos in the Stilt Walking Gallery.

Todd Key on stilts: a performer we all look up to.

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