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Library / School Shows

Each year Todd puts together a special show just for schools and libraries, often customized to fit their chosen theme. This year is no exception, as Todd unveils another brand-new wacky, witty, one-of-a-kind performance: THE FLYING DEBRIS EXTRAVAGANZA JUGGLE-PALOOZA!

Once again, Todd brings specially customized-for-kids version of his FLYING DEBRIS SHOW to all corners of the South and beyond, inflicting his sharp wit, comic banter and extreme juggling skill upon all who dare sit through the entire show!

An incredible display of balance and skill that encourages dedication, fun, patience, fun, exercise, fun, and reading (also, fun!), this performance is ideal for libraries, schools, family picnics, community events, day camps...and other places as well.

Todd has performed this show at libraries, schools and day camps in Pelham, Blakely, Newnan, Carollton, Morrow, Cochran, Hawkinsville, Smyrna, Calhoun, Clay County, Randolph, Terrell, Tifton, Crawfordville, Hazelhurst, Abbeville...whew! And lots of other places, too! For more information about the show...

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