The Flying Debris Show!

FLYING DEBRIS... What is that, exactly?

It's hard to explain, but here goes: imagine, if you will, a man balanced upon a small, thin board, performing rope tricks, interacting with the audience, and juggling the TEN MOST DANGEROUS OBJECTS IN HISTORY, all while maintaining a patter that will keep you laughing so hard tears will come to your eyes. These tears may, in fact, distract you from seeing many of the strange feats Todd Key performs... such as cutting off his own nose!

(Okay, he doesn't cut off his own nose. But you wouldn't really know that, because of the tears of laughter, right?)

Children adore him, women want him, and men want to be him. It's a juggling thing.

The FLYING DEBRIS SHOW is a favorite with educators, libraries, day camps, family groups and recreation departments. Flexible and adaptable, FLYING DEBRIS is also perfect for corporate events and trade shows, and can be tailored to fit your group by incorporating your company logo, message, or theme.

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