Todd Key is a one man club throwing, ball spinning, ladder balancing, torch manipulating, comedy EXTRAVAGANZAPALOOZA!

Todd has been entertaining audiences as one half of the hilarious juggling duo The Zucchini Brothers for over 20 years. He has performed at virtually every type of venue imaginable, including Corporate Meetings and Events, Renaissance Festivals, Library and School Shows, birthday parties, trade shows, city events, mall openings, and the occasional bar mitzvah.

Todd's verbal and spherical jocularities bind his audiences together, uniting them in a stage of obsequious fondness (folks have a lot of fun at his shows).

Todd talks and jokes with his audiences often times more proficiently than he juggles. And that is a good thing. Really.

Libraries and Schools!  Book Todd now!

Todd has created a customized version of his incredibly popular Flying Debris show to entertain children in classrooms and libraries, at picnics and day camps, in community centers, and anywhere else where families (or just children) want to sit and be amazed and entertained - there's even a little education in there, too!

Call Todd at: (678) 468-3094,
or email him at:
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